Are you looking for a licensed builder? Unfortunately, there are some builders in Australia who have fake or outdated licences. You should be able to spot a fake licence in order to avoid legal and safety issues that may arise during work. So today, we will talk about the 05 ways you can spot a fake builder’s licence. 

What Is a Builder’s Licence? 

A builder’s licence is a permit granted by an authorised regulatory body that allows an individual or company to legally undertake building work. It typically requires the holder to pass certain tests and meet some qualifications, experience and competency requirements. There are also different types of licences according to the type of construction work. 

A licence will also require the holder to adhere to certain standards and regulations during work. It’s basically an official recognition of a builder’s expertise in the construction industry. Each state or territory in Australia has its own regulatory body for builder’s licences. Builders have to obtain formal licences from the regulatory body of the state where they want to work.   

Why Is It Important to Check the Licence of a Builder? 

It is very important to be able to spot a fake licence if you’re looking for a builder. Without proper certification and licensing, builders cannot legally conduct any work in Australia. It’s the responsibility of potential clients to protect themselves from fraudulent activities. They need to make sure that they are dealing with a legitimate and qualified builder. 

As a client, you will face various legal problems and safety issues if you hire builders or contractors with fake licences. Besides, there are huge risks of financial losses through scams as well. The good news is that identifying a genuine licence doesn’t have to be complicated. You can easily spot a fake one if you look for some critical signs. 

05 Ways to Spot a Fake Builder’s Licence 

Let’s go through the 05 main ways to spot a fake builder’s licence. We will explain every point so that you have a clear understanding of the features of a genuine licence. 

1. Check the Expiry 

The first way to spot a fake builder’s licence is to ensure that the licence is current. Builder’s licences in Australia are issued for a number of years and must be renewed on a regular basis. If the licence presented is expired or is close to expiring, it is likely that the licence is not legitimate. You can contact the authorised licencing bodies for more information on this. 

2. Check the Name and Address 

You should make sure that the name and address on the licence match the person who is presenting it. If these details don’t match the actual information, then you should be concerned about the legitimacy of the licence. It’s best to avoid such builders whose personal details don’t match the information on the licence. 

3. Look for Alteration or Tampering 

One of the obvious signs of a fake licence is any alteration or tampering. You should be very careful about this point when looking for any builder. You should always remember that a genuine licence will not contain any sign of tampering. The information in the document will be clear and trustworthy. 

4. Ask for Proof of Insurance 

After checking for the signs mentioned above, you can proceed with asking for proof of insurance. All builders in Australia must have appropriate levels of insurance to work in this occupation. Insurance, as we all know, can cover damages that may occur due to accidents or any other unfortunate event. 

5. Check the Builder’s Qualifications 

Every authorised licencing body in Australia have specific builder’s licence requirements. These requirements vary from one state to another. The CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction and the CPC50220 – Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) are the two main certifications required for getting a builder’s licence in the country. 

Regulatory Bodies for Builder’s Licences in Australia 

As mentioned before, different states have different regulatory bodies for the licensing of builders in Australia. Whether you are a prospective builder or a client, you can contact these regulatory bodies for the latest information about builder’s licences. Let’s take a look at the different regulatory bodies: 

  • ACT Planning and Land Authority (Australian Capital Territory and Southern New South Wales) 
  • Office of Fair Trading (New South Wales) 
  • Building Practitioners Board (Northern Territory) 
  • Queensland Building and Construction Commission (Queensland) 
  • South Australia Consumer and Business Services (South Australia) 
  • Consumer, Building and Occupational Services (Tasmania) 
  • Goods Shed North (Victoria) 
  • Western Australia Building Commission (Western Australia) 

Builders’ Courses 

There are numerous training providers in Australia that offer certificates in building and construction. You can enrol in one of the courses to obtain a formal qualification. You will be able to find building and construction diploma courses and certificate courses in institutions like the RTOs. Many organisations have facilities for both face-to-face and online classes. 

You should spend some time studying different training providers and courses to make the best decision. Always remember not to rush the process. You should choose a course that’s convenient for you and suits your career objectives. Don’t forget to choose a reputed institution that has adequate facilities and resources.   


We hope that you have found this article informative and helpful. Hopefully, you will be able to spot a fake licence with our tips. It’s always best to be careful when choosing a builder for any construction project. You can avoid a lot of problems by being cautious in the beginning. We highly suggest avoiding any licence that seems sketchy. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding builder’s licences or licensing requirements. We will try our best to answer your questions.