Do you want to grow your career as a builder in Victoria? Did you know that having a builder’s licence is one of the most important requirements for becoming a builder or contractor in Australia? Today, we will discuss the 08 important reasons why you should have this licence in Victoria. So let’s take a look! 

Types of Builder’s Licences in Victoria 

Each type of builder’s licence has a different set of requirements. Don’t forget to check the official website of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to learn more about these requirements. There can be minor changes to certain information every year. So it’s best to check for the latest information. The 03 main types of builder’s licences in Victoria are:    

  • Commercial Builder 
  • Domestic Builder 
  • Demolisher 

Each of these types can again be classified into different classes based on the type of construction work. For example, the licence for demolishers can be classified into three classes. There are different types of licences for demolishers, such as low rise, medium rise and unlimited. Remember to check the differences between these classes. 

Why Should Obtain a Builder’s Licence in Victoria 

VBA requires builders and contractors in Victoria to be licensed in order to legally carry out building or construction work. A builder’s licence in Victoria is an important part of this occupation and comes with a range of benefits. Here are 08 reasons why you should have your builder’s licence in this state. 

1. Professional Recognition 

Having a builder’s licence is a sign of professional recognition and it enhances your credibility in the building and construction industry. It demonstrates to clients and other professionals that you have the required qualifications and experience to carry out the job. Therefore, it’s essential to have this licence to grow your career in this sector. 

2. Legal Protection 

An updated licence in Victoria offers legal protection for you and your clients. If a dispute arises between the two parties, the VBA will be able to provide assistance in resolving the issue. Always remember that legal disputes may occur at any point. So you should always have an up-to-date licence to address these issues. 

3. Access to Industry Resources 

A licence is a great way to get access to exclusive industry resources such as technical advice, guidelines and professional networks. These resources can be particularly beneficial if you are new to the industry or looking to expand your business. As a licensed builder, you will also be able to join professional organisations. 

4. Financial Protection 

Financial protection is very important for both you and your clients. It ensures that you are properly insured in case of an accident or defect in the work. One of the main reasons why you should get a builder’s licence is the financial protection that comes with it. Please remember to check all the terms and conditions related to this before applying for a licence. 

5. Government Projects and Grants 

You should have a builder’s licence if you are planning to work on government projects. It’s one of the main prerequisites for getting government or public construction work. Having a licence also enables you to access government funding, grants and other forms of financial assistance that can be very beneficial. 

6. Access to Better Rates 

One of the biggest advantages of having this licence is that you’ll get access to better rates and discounts from suppliers, as well as from banks and other lenders. This can be a very crucial factor for expanding your work and portfolio in the long term. Many builders enjoy these benefits with the help of their licences. 

7. Assurance of Quality 

Quality of work is a fundamental aspect of the building and construction industry in Australia. A licence is something that formally recognises the quality of your work. You are subject to the VBA’s standards and regulations after getting a builder’s licence. These rules help to ensure that your work meets the highest possible standards. 

8. Additional Advice and Assistance 

Advice and assistance from VBA can be very useful in your building career. As a licenced builder, you will get useful advice and assistance from VBA when dealing with clients. This can help you build strong relationships with your clients. It will also ensure that their expectations are met and the work is done according to the requirements. 

How to Obtain a Builder’s Licence in Victoria 

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is the authorised licensing body in Victoria that can provide you with a builder’s licence. You need to have certain qualifications, like the CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction. You can obtain this formal certificate in building and construction from a well-known training provider like an RTO

Please visit the official website of VBA to learn more about the licensing process, assessment tests, fees, requirements and other details. Remember that the official website will always provide you with the most up-to-date and correct information. So you should contact VBA or visit their website to get the most accurate answers to your queries. 


We hope that you will find this article useful. Having a builder’s licence is certainly a very important step to growing your career and portfolio as a builder. Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding builder’s licences and related qualifications. We will try our best to help you and answer your questions.