Do you have plans to build your career as a painter and decorator in Australia? Did you know that there are several opportunities in this particular sector? There are courses with which you can become a certified painter and decorator.  

We have been receiving many questions regarding the importance of painter and decorator trade certification in Australia. You may have queries regarding trade certifications as well. Don’t worry; we are here to help you.   

We strongly recommend getting a trade certification for building a career as a painter and decorator. Today, we will discuss the top 05 reasons you should have a trade certification in this field. You will also get a brief overview of the job of painting and decorating from this article. So let’s take a look!      

What is a Painter and Decorator?  

A painter and decorator uses various techniques to apply paint, wallpapers, varnishes and different types of coatings on construction surfaces like the wall. Tradespeople, specialising in painting and decorating, work on sites such as houses, buildings and related structures. 

A painter and decorator also has to use a range of tools and work with a variety of materials. You may have to work in various conditions depending on the project. You need to have a mix of practical and decorative skills to do well in this job.    

The Demand for Painters and Decorators in Australia  

According to official estimates from the Australian Government, the occupation of painting and decorating or painting trades worker has a future growth of 0.2%, with more than 60,000 individuals employed in different roles.   

Undoubtedly, the demand for skilled painters and decorators will increase in the future. The country is facing an acute shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, you can build a remarkable career in this field with the proper certification and skills.  

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Trade Certification as a Painter and Decorator  

Now, let’s look at how a trade certification will benefit your career as a painter and decorator in Australia. We will summarise each benefit so that you have a clear idea. These are just some benefits you will have once you are certified. So let’s go through each of them.  

1. Better Skills  

Painting and decorating is not only about applying paint and varnishes. You also need a creative and decorative approach to get the best results out of your work. To obtain a trade certification, you usually need to complete a course. Painting and decorating courses will teach you different skills that will improve your expertise, such as:  

  • Preparing the surfaces  
  • Installing scaffold towers  
  • Identifying holes and cracks  
  • Colour selection    

2. Efficient Use of Tools  

As a painter and decorator, you should know how to use several different tools. You also need to know how to use them efficiently during work. You will learn deeply about these tools from a trade course in painting and decorating. You will understand their proper setup. Some of the most common painting and decorating tools and materials are:  

  • Paint brushes  
  • Knives and scrapers  
  • Glue guns  
  • Plaster and filler  

3. Proper Knowledge of Work Safety  

You need to have a clear understanding of work safety to avoid any unwanted accidents during work. You have to work with different types of paint and materials in this job. You will be more prone to health hazards without proper knowledge of work safety. A formal course will teach you about the following safety precautions:  

  • Safely precautions when working at heights  
  • Working safely with surfaces painted with lead  
  • Proper use of tools  
  • Using different painting materials safely  

4. Better Industry Reputation  

You’ll undoubtedly have a much better industry reputation with a trade certification. Employers will be more confident in your abilities if you’re certified. A strong reputation can help you reach newer heights in your career. We strongly recommend getting a certification to become a well-rounded painter and decorator. Some of the key benefits of certification are:  

  • You can apply for better jobs  
  • You’ll be more likely to get a pay raise  
  • Your services will be more valued  
  • You can quickly grow your career  

5. New Opportunities  

We have already talked about how a trade certification can help your career in painting and decorating. Did you know that you can uncover more exciting opportunities with a certification? Trade certification can help you find newer opportunities in several ways. Let’s take a look at some of them:  

  • You can start your own painting business  
  • You can build fruitful connections in the industry  
  • You can experiment with different business models  
  • You can identify untapped markets   

Trade Certification in Painting and Decorating  

One of Australia’s most popular painting and decorating trade certifications is Certificate III in Painting and Decorating (Course code: CPC30620). Several Registered Training Organisations all over the country offer this certification. Before choosing an institution, you should research available study options and course fees.   


We hope you’ll find our article on the importance of trade certification for a career in painting and decorating helpful.   

Getting a formal certification after completing a course can significantly enrich your skills in any field. It can add massive value to your resume and have a very positive impact on your career.  

If you have any queries regarding trade certifications, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to answer your queries and help you