Building properties is a profitable business in New South Wales. If you have a lot of money to invest, you can start this business. You can make a lot of money by building properties in New South Wales. But you can not start this work without legal permission from the authority.

You need a builder’s license to build properties. So if you want to start your new business in the construction sector, you just need a builder’s license. The builder’s license is the legal permission for working as a contractor.

NSW state authority will give you the license after checking your qualifications in this sector. But how to get your builder’s license in New South Wales? I will tell you the answer to this question in this article. You should know some other things about this builder’s license, like what qualification you should have, how to apply for this, the required experience, and many more things. Before diving into the details I will share some basic information about builder’s licenses with you.

New South Wales Builder’s License

In the New South Wales state of Australia, you need a builder’s license if you want to build a residential property that is valued at more than $5000. This is legal permission for doing construction works like building, constructing, altering, repairing, renovating, applying protective treatment, decorating, etc. If you have this license, you can do these things. Otherwise, you have to pay for it to the authorities. The license will be given by the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading.

You need to show them your experience and qualifications, and then you will certify yourself. Now I will tell you about my experiences and qualifications.

Required Experiences

When you apply for the builder’s license, they will see your experience in this sector. You have to be well experienced in the building sector. You must have site-based working experience of at least 2 years. Your experience has to match these options given below.

  • You worked as an employee under a building contractor.
  • You worked as a subcontractor before.
  • You have the certificate of

a qualified supervisor. Now you are working as a nominated supervisor.

You must have these experiences. You must be supervised or contracted under any certified builder for a minimum of two years. When you apply for a building certificate, the certified builder or supervisor must confirm your experience in the application. You must have some formal qualifications also. Now we will talk about the formal qualifications.

Formal Qualifications


When you apply for any job or certificate, you must have some educational qualification in that sector. Educational qualification is the most important thing you need to get the builder’s certificate. Because it shows your ability. So the question is what qualification do you need to apply for the building certificate? I will tell you the answer in detail.

  • You need a current contractor
    certificate or you need a qualified supervisor certificate. Or you can show an approved certificate in this sector which will allow you to apply for the building certificate.
  • You can show the certificate
    of diploma in Building and Construction.
  • If you do a bachelor of
    Housing from any Australian University, you can show that as your educational qualification. You can show the certificate of a degree in structural engineering, civil engineering, architecture, housing, construction management, construction economics, and applied science (building) from an Australian University.

These are the educational qualifications you can show to apply for a builder’s license. In this article, I am telling you the answer to this question: How to get your builder’s license in New South Wales? Now I will tell you how you can apply for this license.

I will tell you what you need to apply for a builder’s license.

  • You need an application form.
  • You need a relevant application checklist.
  • Trade work checklist.
  • Specialist work checklist.
  • General work checklist.
  • Additional forms with details.
  • Past and present certificate and license details.
  • Original copy of your educational qualifications.
  • Experience and previous working details.
  • Passport size image.
  • Proof of identity.
  • Payment.

You need to fill out the application form with these details. There is a fee you need to pay to apply. I will tell you the details about the fee. After these procedures, you have to submit the application form to the NSW centre.

Fees To Apply For A New Builders License

There is a fee you have to pay for applying for the builder’s license. The fee depends on the validity time of the license. For one year the fee is $306, for 3 years the fee is $1325 and for 5 years the fee is $2315.

Which Works You Can Do With This Builder’s License?

Now I will tell you what type of work you can do using this builder’s license. Because you can not do everything using this license. There are some specific jobs you can do. According to the New South Wales Department of Trade, you can do these works with this builder’s license –

  • You can do erecting or construct a garage, shed, or carport.
  • You can renovate bathrooms, laundry, or kitchens.
  • Structural landscaping and building swimming pools.
  • You can do glass, screen, or pool enclosures.
  • You can build conservatories and atriums.
  • House lifting
  • Dwelling removing and resetting.

You can do these works using your builder’s license.

Final Words

You came here to know the answer to the question: How to get your builder’s license in New South Wales? In this article, I have told you everything about it. Now you know how to apply and how to get the license. You also know what type of work you can do with this license. So, before applying for this license make sure you have all the qualifications. You must fill out the application form carefully.