As a sovereign country, Australia is highly constructive with the architecture side. Almost in every big city, you will get some breath-taking building attractions to explore as a visitor. From old captives to modernized buildings, all those structures have some great stories to learn, and you will definitely become mesmerizing when paying a visit to those places. They have not only high raised premises but also have historical properties with outstanding beauty phases. The most famous tourists highly recommend the overall views of constructions sides as this industry has good tourism practices and doing very well in Australia.

So, considering it as a tourist spot, Australia is one of the finest places for high-raised buildings and unique construction sites for visitors. If you ever got any chance to visit Australia, you will definitely find some world-famous constructions here. In this writing part, we will lead you to some top tourist buildings in a brief discussion about the origin and the history of each spot in Australia.

Top 9 Tourist Construction and Building Sites in Australia

Here we comprised some of the top-class beauty of Australia in our list. We will get to know the overall details and the established history of each tourism centre in this article. So, let’s find out all the listed places in the following paragraph.

The Royal Exhibition building of 'Marvellous Melbourne': a history of  cities in 50 buildings, day 10 | Cities | The Guardian

1. Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

At first, we would like to introduce the most heritage and the oldest surviving site, the Royal Exhibition Building of Australia. This inheritance museum was established in 1880, and it was counted as the first commonwealth parliament house in Australia. It is located in Melbourne, and this one is commonly known to host gardening shows, different art fairs, and cultural festival programs as an entertaining convention hall. Also, you can pay a visit for the museum tours on the regular days at day times.

Sydney opera house near the beautiful sea under the clear blue sky Free Photo

2. Sydney Opera House

In our second position, we put Sydney Opera House on our list. Opera house is a commonly known infostructure with a famous attribution among the most heritage sites in worldwide. The house construction started in 1958 and was formed up to launched in 1973 in Sydney. This convention Center has earned the title of the most iconic building structure of the 20th century as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Make the steps inside and discover the pure stories of Australian cultures that make the Opera House more exciting for the visitors.

Queen Victoria Building - City Centre |

3. Queen Victoria Building, Sydney

One of the oldest and historical trade Centers is the Queen Victoria Building, located in Sydney. This old establishment was designed as a shopping Center containing 175 business stores and small cafes. The opening year of this prestigious hub is 1898, and it was the most eye-catching architectural establishment in the 19th century with the Romanesque approach. This famous structure stands to hold the historical ideas and all the glories of Australian cultures.

Parliament House - Parliamentary Education Office

4. Parliament House, Canberra

With the awe-inspiring natural wonders and dazzling buildings set up, the current Parliament House of Australia was designed by the famous architect ‘Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp in 1988. It is situated in the capital of Australia, Canberra (Atop Capitol Hill). Canberra’s parliament house is well known for the outstanding feature design of the two boomerangs shape with two axes. The total number of rooms is 4500 plus, and some areas are open for the visitor. Each room represents the country’s historical aura, Magna Carta, artworks, law divines, and prime minister portraits and profiles.

Eureka Skydeck 88, Attraction, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

5. Eureka Tower

One of the tallest beauties of Australia is Eureka Tower. This tower is almost 297 meters long and containing 84 floors of apartments with modernized features. The introduction of this tower is nominated for the 3rd most extended building in Australia. This beautiful design got to stand from June 2006 in the Melbourne skyline.

Q1 Resort & Spa- First Class Surfers Paradise, Queensland, Australia  Hotels- GDS Reservation Codes: Travel Weekly

6. Q1, Surfers Paradise

If you ever want to reach the tallest point in Australia, visiting the Q1 tower (Queensland Number One) is the perfect place to make an effort. In a word, this residential tower is the ideal and tallest beauty of Australia, and it is one of the longest buildings at 323 meters of structure made in surfers paradise. By inspiring, the Sydney 2000 Olympic Torch, the tower was designed in 2006 as the seventh-tallest residential building in the world.

Flinders Street railway station - Wikipedia

7. Flinders Street Railway Station, Melbourne

The opening of this prior historical platform of heritage is the longest railway station ever built in Australia. In Melbourne, this evergreen station is placed along with a big lecture hall, a gymnasium and a book library. It was first started its journey in 1909 as a bus station; later, it was established as the current famous railway station with a giant dome and the art nouveau-style premises.

120 Collins Street - Wikipedia

8. 120 Collins Street

The commercial tower of 120 Collins Street is located in the central zone of the business area in Melbourne. This building has a close entity for corporate offices, banks, and public transportation accesses with a postmodern style. The opening ceremony was held in 1991, and it is counted as the sixth-tallest corporate building in the country.

Vaucluse House | Sydney Living Museums

9. Vaucluse House, Sydney

From the early 19th century, one of the glamorous mansions ever built in an aboriginal land in Sydney, Australia. Nowadays, it becomes the most fantastic heritage site for the whole of Sydney city. You will get the taste of all inheritance sights inside of this palace. Basically, this is the first official in-house museum ever build in Sydney in 1839 with the features of old frameworks.


Considering the overall size of Australia and the nearby islands, Australia is the world’s 6th largest country by measuring the area and holding the 14th position in the worldwide economy. This country is blessed with the natural WorldClass tourist attraction by a vast number of landscapes, such as deserts, mountain ranges, beaches, and tropical rainforests. Also, this country has various interests in building sites to visit. From old to modern technology, all kinds of taste you can find inside those heritage buildings in Australia. So, never miss the chance to see those premises if you are ever standing on the earth of Australia. Don’t forget about your safety.