Do you want to build your career as a tradesperson in Australia? Many industries in the country need skilled workers. Today, we will talk about 06 career options you can consider as a tradespeople in Australia. We will also give some examples of popular trade courses.  

But before diving into the list, let’s talk about the shortage of tradespeople in Australia to give you an idea of the demand for skilled workers in the country.   

The Growing Demand for Skilled Tradespeople in Australia  

According to 9news, there is a massive shortage of tradespeople in Australia. For example, there has been a boom in building new houses in the country after the pandemic. These construction sites require a large number of skilled tradespeople. Various other industries are also facing labour shortages. So if you’re a trained and certified tradesperson, you’ll have a massive demand in the job market.      

Top 06 Career Options for Tradespeople in Australia  

Let’s take a quick look at the top 06 career options for tradespeople in Australia. We will briefly discuss each job and the primary job responsibilities.    

1. Mechanical Plumber  

One of the first options on our list is mechanical plumbing. Do you know how much the Australian plumbing services industry is worth? According to the IBIS World, it’s worth $19 billion annually. There are thousands of plumbing businesses all over the country. You can start your career in this sector as an apprentice working under an established business. Over time, you can create your own business.   

Some of the leading job responsibilities of a mechanical plumber are:  

  • Install and repair pipes and other related structures  
  • Address issues in water, gas, heating and drainage systems  
  • Use a variety of tools effectively to solve these issues    

2. Commercial Cook  

You can also try commercial cookery. As a commercial cook, you have to prepare different dishes for your customers. You also need to have a good idea of how to present the dishes in a proper manner. It’s a great way to enter the culinary industry. With adequate experience, you can even become a head chef with handsome pay.  

The principal job responsivities of a commercial cook are:  

  • Preparing different types of savoury dishes and desserts  
  • Working on the overall planning and execution  
  • Present the food to the guests with a pleasing look  

3. Carpenter  

Carpentry is another career choice that is in high demand in Australia. Many carpenters in the country start their own businesses after getting carpenter certificates. Others work in the construction industry with white cards. In fact, the majority of Australian carpenters are employed in the construction industry, which is booming.   

Let’s take a look at the main duties of a carpenter:  

  • Work with wood and other materials to build structures  
  • Repair structures such as doors and cabinets  
  • Understand blueprints and plans and work with other construction workers  

4. Bricklayer  

Bricklaying can be an exciting occupation as well. As mentioned before, the construction industry is booming in the country. Therefore, construction sites across the nation require more skilled bricklayers. Enrolling in bricklaying courses is a great way to start. As a bricklayer, you’ll work with several other construction workers like concreters and builders.    

The primary duties of a bricklayer are:  

  • Lay bricks and apply mortar  
  • Seal the foundations to prevent damps  
  • Use a range of machines and tools for bricklaying  

5. Automotive Mechanic  

Are you fascinated with cars? If so, you’ll love this job. Automotive mechanics mainly repair parts of a vehicle. They also replace the parts if necessary. The vehicle market in Australia is showing an increase in sales. So more automotive mechanics will be needed in the future. As an automotive mechanic, you have to work with different car and truck models.  

You will have the following job responsibilities as an automotive mechanic:  

  • Repair the components of a vehicle  
  • Look for any performance issues in the vehicle  
  • Replace parts of the vehicle if needed      

6. Joiner  

Joiners are closely related to carpenters. There are specialised joinery certificates as well. They make structures like window frames, staircases and fitted furniture for a building. They are also responsible for repairing these structures or replacing them using different tools and machines. Many joiners shift to carpentry or construction jobs after getting some experience.  

Some of the essential job responsibilities of a joiner are:  

  • Use timber to make staircases, windows or furniture  
  • Install the wooden structures with proper fitting  
  • Work in a team of carpenters and other construction workers      

Trade Qualifications in Australia  

There are several qualifications in Australia can help you become certified in a specific trade. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) all over the country provide these qualifications. You can even find online trade courses. We highly suggest getting your qualification from a formal institution like an RTO.  

Some examples of trade qualifications in Australia:   

  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction (CPC40120)  
  • Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30220)  
  • Certificate III in Painting and Decorating (CPC30620)  
  • Diploma of Building and Construction (CPC50220)  


We hope you have a clear idea of different career opportunities in Australia. Always remember to do some research on a particular field before making a final decision. After that, get a formal qualification from a registered organisation to start your career in a field.    

There are many job opportunities all over Australia due to the severe skills shortage. Therefore, there is a rising demand for skilled tradespeople in the country. We recommend choosing a career that best suits your needs and long-term goals.